• Fall Down 7, Get Up 8!

    My mantra & a chapter from my book:

    In life we will encounter many setbacks & challenges. Some of us more than others. The difference is what we do after a setback, how we react. What we learn from it, & what we can takeaway from the whole experience.





    Brian Tracy says setbacks & challenges are not there to obstruct but rather to instruct! The key is to keep moving forward after the setback.

    Growth doesn't come from standing still. It comes from falling flat on your face, time & time again. I believe those who fail are the most successful people out there.

    Why? Because each time they are knocked down, they don't stay down for very long, they learn the lesson, dust off & get right back up again. This builds resilience, perseverance, strength & determination. All characteristics for success.

    "I may pause but I will never stop"