Hi, I'm Maria Kritikos

I’m determined to inspire you to create a life you love!


I started the Ladies WHO Lunch Network (LWL) which also stands for Life Without Limits with nothing!

I had no money, no resources and absolutely NO IDEA how I was going to make this dream of mine come to life. I did know one thing is for sure: I was determined to figure it out.

I wanted to be happy, free, independent and financially secure. I wanted to be doing the things that made my heart sing AND making money at it, for god’s sake! I wanted to create something that no one could ever take from me. A life that I could be proud of, a life that would make me say “hell yeah!”

Not knowing what the heck I was doing, no business plan, no sense of clarity, no money to hire expensive coaches, and no husband to lean on for emotional or financial support – look, I know what it feels like.

Trust me, I’ve been there. I felt like giving up many times, & I don’t want that to happen to you!

Being a single mommy wasn’t easy (and still isn’t to this day) but I was determined to persevere and figure it out. I was determined to learn what the secrets to success were and what the secrets to achieving all my heart’s desires were.

I studied, took course upon course and read every book under the sun on how to turn my ideas into a reality. I studied the Law of Attraction, mindset techniques, productivity hacks and goal setting tools… you name it. I also made a lot of mistakes and spent a lot of money.

But in the end, it all came together and I’m here as living proof to what I preach!


Ten things that you didn't know about me...

→  I’m a huge bookworm and read a book a week.

→  I can be asleep by 8pm easily & up every day at 5am!

→  I’m a domain name junkie, I have over 200 of them!

→  I’m obsessed with goal setting!

→  I started teaching high school when I was only 23 & got asked out to the prom because a student thought I was a student too!

→  I speak Greek, French, Spanish & of course English!

→  I’m also a Real Estate agent & have been for the last 11 years!

→  I have high cholesterol.

→  I love to do Bikram’s Yoga ( the hot sweaty one! ) 

Are you ready to take control of your life?

This inspirational guide for female entrepreneurs will reveal the necessary mindset & strategies needed to make your dreams happen and live a life you love! I started the Ladies WHO Lunch® Network with nothing but a beat-up old computer working night & day from my kitchen table. I had no money, no resources, no team & no idea how I was going to grow this passion project of mine. What I did have was the determination & the perseverance to learn what it takes to succeed. Today, the Ladies WHO Lunch® Network is a thriving community with members all over the world. This book will offer valuable guidance & a peek into my brain unveiling the powerful techniques I use to achieve anything I set my mind to!