• Idea to Reality

    Create a life that makes you wanna jump out of bed every morning!

    Focus on the why.

    Many people give up before they strike gold. My advice would be to keep going despite the dips but to re-adjust or alter the course slightly – as long as you keep the end goal in mind. Always remember WHY you’re doing what you’re doing, you will have the strength to go on. It’s when your WHY is not strong that you will give up.

    You have to choose something that doesn’t feel like work to you. Something that you could do for hours on end and forget the time of day or forget to eat. That’s what you should follow and the success will come. Never start with working the numbers on something. First see if it brings you JOY, then potentially, you can monetize anything.

    Don’t worry about the how.

    When I first came to Iman, I remember standing on the street after class and when he asked me, “Maria what do you want to do?” and I said “inspire” – but I didn’t know how! Don’t worry about the how — put your intention into the universe and people and situations will appear before you and you’ll be like what they heck!

    How do you get to the top of the staircase? One step at a time. When you are on a foggy highway and all you can see is five feet in front of you, just keep going and eventually, you’ll get to the end!

    Align yourself with like-minded people.

    …and people who have achieved the success that you are working towards. Think about life as a game of tennis, you will never improve playing with someone at the same level as you — play with someone with a little more skill and it will elevate your game.

    Surround yourself with the doers, the believers the action takers. The people who see the greatness in you even when you don’t see it in yourself

    Stay true to yourself.

    Don’t worry about what other people think… listen to your inner voice /intuition, it won’t steer you wrong. Your desire for success has to be so great that it overrides everything else because if not, you won’t stick with it. That’s why it’s important to really do what truly speaks to your heart.

    Watch your words.

    Your words form your thoughts and actions which always will give you the results. You are whatever you believe yourself to be.

    Done is better than perfect.

    Everyone is always waiting for the perfect moment to launch something but that moment will never come. Consistent action is the key — that’s how we learn and grow in action, NOT in thought.