• 10 Attributes Of A High Value Woman

    Happy International Women's Day!

    Today I'm sharing 10 attributes of a high value woman.

    1. She has the confidence & power to let go of situations/people/things that do not serve her highest good!

    2. She is not perfect but actively works on making herself a better person & when she is wrong promptly admits it & takes necessary steps to correct her behaviour.

    3. She is consciously aware of her choices, actions, & decisions & takes 100% responsibility for her life.

    4. She is not afraid to stand alone if & when her values are compromised.

    5. She believes in herself.

    6. She is tenacious in the face of adversity & gets right back up after falling.

    7. She doesn’t believe in mistakes. Only lessons.

    8. She chooses love over fear & when she doesn’t she always makes the correction.

    9. She comes from a mindset of abundance & therefore competes with no one.

    10. She lives her life with intent & purpose.